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A note from the Racial Justice Collaborative

We strongly condemn the white supremacist violence against our Asian American family, which is built on a legacy of discrimination, internment, model minority stereotypes, and other harm that continues to this day. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves on this legacy and interrupt anti-Asian sentiments in all their forms.


Our hearts are with the entire Asian community and with the victims' families and loved ones.


We are a dynamic Black-led, multi-racial, multi-generational justice organization working to transform the energies of inequality and anti-blackness to advance a just and equitable society that serves all of its people. We are mediators, facilitators, communicators, educators, therapists, and visionaries.

The Racial Justice Collaborative was founded by Diane Wong in the Boston area of Massachusetts, and members hail from all over the US.


Using an interdisciplinary approach, we examine all aspects of race education and conflict to hold space so that all voices engage in dialogue with one another. We cultivate individual and organizational transformation as we guide participants toward equity and healing.

Some members of the RJC meeting virtually in 2021

What We Offer


Our mission is to heal our racial divide. Our programs work to transform the ever-present energy of white supremacy that historically and still today permeates the culture, structures and policies of the United States.


Our mission is to guide participants to “sit in the fire” of racial discomfort to process difficult, stuck, and inflamed emotions. We seek to eradicate anti-Black racist beliefs and the myth of white supremacy. We believe that conflict is a gift pointing toward meaningful change and healing and that every voice matters.

  • Mindfulness​
  • Race Dialogue
  • Race Education
  • Facilitating Conflict and Training


Ways You Can Help
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Join the Racial Justice Collaborative as we transform the energy of white supremacy. Sit in the fire and discomfort with us as we confront the biggest issues of our time. Learn with us, talk with us, and spread the word.

Upcoming Event
How did we get here?

A donation-based workshop about the history of racial injustice in the U.S. with Pharaoh Saunders and Diane Wong

Saturday, May 8, 2021

1 - 3pm EDT

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