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About the Racial Justice Collaborative

The Racial Justice Collaborative is a Black-led, multi-racial team of race, team building, therapy, media, and facilitation professionals focused on eliminating group conflict including anti-black racism and the myth of white supremacy.

Our experienced team consults on the full range of race-related topics.  Race dialogue, training/team building, education, anti-black racism, racial conflict processing/resolution, and US/UK race-related immigration, human rights, and asylum and the injustice of climate change. We facilitate, process, and help resolve race-related issues in schools, communities, and businesses.  We work to educate, and train small to large groups with single and many facilities in multiple countries on a full range of race-related issues.  

In addition, we are experts in media, technology innovation, and climate injustice.  When conflict comes up in and around your organization, we are here to help.  In particular, we help companies examine their own actions now before history leaves them behind.

Meet the Team


Diane Wong

Founder & Director 

Diane holds a JD from Harvard Law School, is a certified mediator, facilitator, and global conflict resolution processor. Born into a Black, Chinese, Mexican, Irish, Native American family, Diane grew up as a member of Cleveland’s Black community and attended a segregated school system. Through her experience of navigating an educational system that sought to undermine her sense of self and history, Diane committed to pursuing racial justice through open dialogue, learning, and healing.


Versatile and drawing from her background in law, conflict resolution, and yoga, Diane’s multidimensional approach guides clients toward a greater understanding of themselves and community as they learn to support diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her facilitative scope includes work with cities, towns, schools, community organizations, as well as large-scale engagement in shifting corporate culture. 

Diane is Co-Founder and Co-Host of an award-winning multimedia show, Let’s Talk About Race, which invites people to have conversations around race and racism. Diane also founded the Racial Justice Collaborative (RJC), a team of mediators, facilitators, educators, therapists, and visionaries who work with community members to build awareness, create learning opportunities, and facilitate growth through processing racial feelings and beliefs.


Frank Eason

Head of Operations, Technology Advisor

Frank is a Black man.  He is a life-long innovator and change agent.  Frank designed specific parts of the technological infrastructure that created the award-winning TechBoston Academy.  A self-motivated Technology Adviser, Frank is often called on to research and evaluate product segments and vendors for potential acquisitions and strategic partnerships.

Frank is the Team Leader of the RJC Leadership Team.


Kathryn Saunders

Organizational Development

A Black woman with vast organizational effectiveness experience with New England Organizations.  A cause-driven leader with a longstanding passion for youth, community development and wellness, Kathryn is experienced creating organizational programs, and heads multiple concurrent operations.   Kathryn attended Hampton University and has a Master’s degree in Education from Cambridge College.


Lane Arye, Ph.D.

Facilitation & Training

Lane (he/him) is a white senior trainer of Processwork (developed by Arnold Mindell), and a founding faculty member of the Process Work Institute. Whether teaching, working in private practice, facilitating community and organizational conflicts, or learning & training alongside social justice groups, Lane partners with people to help create more inner and outer freedom, inclusion, and resilience.


Pharaoh Saunders

Education, History

Pharaoh Saunders is an African-American man.  He is the co-host of the award-winning show “Let’s Talk About Race.” Pharaoh is a History and Political Science major and is currently pursuing a paralegal certificate at Bunker Hill Community College. Pharaoh focuses on religion, the history of racism, white supremacy, and anti-blackness. Diane and Pharaoh lead race education programs nationwide.


Nancy Rogene, Ph.D.

Education, Membership

Nancy Rogene is a white, straight woman (she/her).  She has been a psychotherapist in private practice for 30 years and has led numerous workshops on racial justice, primarily with white, middle class Americans.  Her doctoral dissertation, Blinded by Whiteness, traces the deep historical roots of systemic racism in our nation.  Nancy now resides in Portland, Oregon and can be contacted through Messenger at her Facebook page Blinded by Whiteness.  


Jordana Hart

Attorney at Law & Facilitator

Jordana co-created the South Florida People of Color Institute’s award-winning Awkward Dinner series and the Unity360 Community Race Dialogues, which focus primarily on whiteness, anti-black racism, and racial healing. Jordana has a Bachelor in History, Master in Journalism, and a JD with distinction in International Law. Jordana supports Reparations for African-Americans and a Truth and Conciliation Commission for a nationwide dialogue on anti-Blackness.  Jordana works and lives in Nova Scotia, Canada.

01-Head Shot_Jan 2019_edited.jpg

Tina Cabral

Media & Facilitation


Christina Balch

Digital Marketing

Tina Cabral is a Black woman of Cape Verdean descent.  Serving as a voice for the multicultural community at the Bay State Banner, she has published hundreds of articles featuring events such as the DNC where President Barack Obama spoke. A graduate of Suffolk University Business School, Tina has experience in managing non-profit communication departments where she has launched print, radio and television media campaigns to promote affordable higher education for students of diverse communities. 

Christina Balch (she/her) identifies as a white American woman, artist, producer, and technologist. In her art practice, Christina is interested in the way people define themselves digitally, especially through the use of mobile technology. Christina also works as a digital producer and digital marketing consultant for advertising agencies, small businesses, and corporations. 

...and many others.

Thank you to our sponsors

This program is supported in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the following local cultural and arts councils in Massachusetts which are supported by the Mass Cultural Council (a state agency): Lawrence Cultural Council, Springfield Cultural Council, Everett Cultural Council, and Medford Cultural Council.


We are also supported by Sira Community and many individual donors across America and the globe who give small and large donations.


If you would like to support this important and timely work, donate to our GoFundMe

Work with us

Contact Diane to learn more about the RJC and how we can work with your organization.

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